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Candidates are not reaching college students

November 2, 2002

Albany- 3.7 million Georgians are registered to vote in Tuesday's election and over 40,000 of those people can vote in Dougherty County.

Even though predictions point to a rise in voter turnout, many are still worried about college student participation.

"To be honest I'm not into politics. I should be, but I'm more into school right now," admits Chelsea Peterkin.

So why are students turn off by elections? "I don't think they are focusing on anything that makes any sense. It seems like they've been bickering back and forth, and that's not good," says Keith Thomas.

"I've heard them talk about education, but it seems more geared toward elementary or K through twelve," adds Verlincia Brinson.

While this years candidates may not be focusing issues that concern these students, some say they will still be at the polls. "I have the right to vote and I need to use it," says Brinson.

The students did say they were interested in the candidates that focused on education and the HOPE scholarship.

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