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Ministry feeding the Dray Line workers

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -An Albany Outreach Ministry leader says she sees more people in need as the recession continues. Every Friday Mother Davis feeds and counsels day laborers at the Dray Line, and says giving is what's needed for Albany to get through tough economic times.

Annie Davis said "So it's more blessed to give than to receive, so if you want to continue to have blessings. You want toast or you want rolls?

Every Friday for more than two decades Mother Davis has served breakfast to the men at the Dray Line, along with some Motherly Christian preaching.

 Davis said "These cigarettes are no good for us. Alcohol is no good for us. What do you want, sausage or ham?"

The Dray Line men come looking for a job for the day. Mother Davis saw a chance to show love.

Davis said "I saw a need, I saw people that really need an opportunity, somebody to show them love. They are not left alone, they are not trash. They're very important."

 Dray Line worker Andrew Wright said "Cold weather, hot weather, she's always here. Bring a hot meal to you. She helps you out any other way. She's always there for you."

Davis said "What makes me feel good, that ya'll getting out early seeking a job. We got some people who won't get up, won't look for a job, won't do nothing. So the Lord's going to bless."

Dray Line worker Etris Wallace said "Some people just want to be ashamed of us. Therefore, when she pull up, I'm gonna eat it."

Mother Davis cooks eggs, grits, sausage, ham, bread, and juice every Friday for a couple of dozen men at the Dray Line.

Davis said "Because one day I was homeless. One day I needed help. And I said Lord if you ever bless me, I'm going to give it back to the community. I'm going to help somebody else."

Mother Davis' Ministry is called Hope for the Hopeless. With tough times she says she sees more hopeless daily, and says people caring and giving is needed.

 Davis said "trying to make a difference in this community. I see it working."

 Davis said "Ya'll we are blessed, let's do good. Let's do good. Amen"

Mother Davis was the volunteer women's chaplain at the Dougherty County Jail for 20 years. She runs her Hope for the Hopeless Ministry on just local donations.


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