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Farewell to Carolyn Hatcher

By Dawn Hobby - bio | email


A big retirement send-off for Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher today.

Dozens of people gathered to say thank you to the woman who's been at the helm of Dougherty County's Election office for more than 30 years.

Hatcher was presented plaques and other momentoes to take with her as she retires.

The elections process has come a long way since that memorable first Presidential Preference Primary she oversaw back in 1980.

"We decided to use paper ballots and that was the worst day of my life. From there, we went to punch cards, which of course were affected by the humidity, and then on to the optical scanning system, and now the touch screen. So we're now into the 21st century," said Hatcher.

True to form, Hatcher's parting words for voters: continue to vote.

She's proud of the fact that Dougherty County consistently surpasses the state average in voter turnout and she hopes it stays that way.

Hatcher, who was the first female department head in Dougherty County, says she plans to travel, enjoy her three grandsons, and remain active in Dougherty County's election process.


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