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Where in the World is Peg Leg Pete?

November 1, 2002

It's halloween week and we are in search of a ghost. And the most famous ghost in the these parts is Peg Leg Pete.
"If the story has been around this long then I believe there may be a little truth to it."

Karen Pittman says those stories can be traced back to the 1940's. Peg Leg Pete was a confederate soldier, who, because of his injuries, had a wooden leg. Apparently he fell in love with his nurse while being treated here.

"But the nurse fell in love with him too. Later she died, and so Pete willed himself to die. so now Pete is wondering the halls for her."

And to this day accounts of Peg Leg's presence continues to haunt these halls.

"Every story begins the same way. It was dark. It was cold, and people were in an area they should not have been."

"And because of that I think it's a little more than superstition."

The halls he searches are locked, perhaps locking pete in with the resident bats. Nearby stairwells lead to nowhere, forcing Pete to watch the outside world from within.

"It is a timeless search for his love."

And still today admissions and records continue to add one more name to the student roster, Peg Leg Pete. That's the way it's always been inside the hallowed halls of Andrew College, where Pete watches over the city of Cuthbert.

Andrew College served as a confederate hospital from 1863 to 1865 without interupting classes. Pete is rumored to be wandering the third, fourth and fifth floors of the Old Main, which is the tallest building on campus just west of downtown Cuthbert.

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