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Drug trade on the rise in Berrien County

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Last Thursday an elaborate marijuana grow house was busted, and now Sheriff Anthony Heath now says Meth labs are another growing issue for the county. 

This quiet Berrien County road was swarming with patrol cars after the Sheriff's office got a tip that marijuana was being grown in a house.

Adam and Sarah Bennett were arrested, four children were removed from the house, and three firearms were seized. This is just another example of what Sheriff Anthony Heath calls 'A growing problem' in Berrien County.

"The drug trade is quite heavy to be such a small populated area. It's easy to monitor, but it's hard to infiltrate those areas," said Heath.

Sheriff Heath believe the Bennett's grow house may be an off-shoot of other grow projects in surrounding counties.

"There were two large pieces of luggage that had marijuana residue, which gives us the indication that they were transporting it," said Heath.

Marijuana isn't the only drug sheriff's are dealing with. "Cocaine, crack, crack-cocaine. Just a wide variety of things--we're not limited here," said Heath.

The Berrien County Sheriff's office is also focusing in on Meth addicts, and those who manufacture the drug.

Since coming into office a year and a half ago, Sheriff Heath has accumulated a wide array of informants, and he attributes many successful drug busts to their cooperation.

Heath says the reason for the drug trade's upswing is sad, but clear. "It's easy money. It's quick. It's the glamour of being a bad boy and people get caught up into that, but they don't realize the other end of the spectrum on that."

The other end of the spectrum being jail time, and the potential of losing your home, car, or in last week's case, even your children.


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