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Southwest Georgians still spending

October 31, 2002

Albany --Mixed signals on the economy. The economy grew at a faster pace in the third quarter, but regional manufacturing was weaker than anticipated. And many analysts expect the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates again next week.

 In Southwest Georgia, store owners say business is up, and shoppers say they aren't cutting back. Carol Ann Walker buying clothes at Target. She is not worried about economic bad times, and will do her usual holiday shopping. Walker said "No, I think we will do the usual thing, we're planning on a big Christmas."

 Lisa Swanson says she has already finished her Christmas shopping, and did not cut back. Swanson said "I haven't given it much thought. I guess there are a lot of people who have to worry about it year to year."

The Target was busy with shoppers. They say business is up.

It was also a busy morning for shoppers at the Place on the Pointe. Their business is also picked up. Nationwide economists says consumer's are worried with job layoffs and the possible war in Iraq. In Southwest Georgia, people don't seem so concerned about the economic woes.

 The Dow wrapped up October with about an eleven percent advance for the month... the best October showing ever.

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