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"Ready for War"

October 31, 2002

Dougherty County-- The United States is on the brink of war. An invasion of Iraq to deal with their weapons of mass destruction awaits only the President's order.

Albany's Marine Corps Logistic Base continues their everyday duty, with no special build up. But the base employees know their jobs could be the difference between life and death.

Workers at Albany's Base Maintenance Center repair and refurbish equipment for use by the military. They know that American troops could go to war at any moment, and the equipment they are working on right now could be used in battle.

Joe Cartwright does a final clean up of a M.K. 48 truck before painting. Cartwright said "We won't see this vehicle again. It'll be shipped out to the fleet of Marines."

The sign above the Maintenance Center line says it all. The equipment fixed here could be used in battle. Vivian Stubbs said "When you're out there in field, you've got to make sure these weapons function properly, cause their life depends on it."

Vivian Stubbs rebuilds the feed covers for an M2-49 machine gun. "Most of the Marines out there in the field normally get weapons that come from the maintenance center here in Albany."

Rickey Kennedy adjusts the hood on a 5th wheel tractor. He takes pride in the good work done by him and his co-workers. "Anytime the Marines out in the field, they hear a piece of equipment is coming from Albany, they know it's right. That's why we put a lot of pride behind our work."

Charles Jackson rebuilding a Light Armored Vehicle, says their mission is to give Marines something they can count on. "We want to send them the best we can give them. 100 percent capability. And that's what we do."

Most of the workers at Albany's base are veterans, who know their jobs are vital to fighting men. Bill Soto said "A lot of us have a vested interest, because a lot of us have sons and daughters in the military. Besides being ex-military ourselves. So it's a philosophy we all hold, 'Been there, done that.'"

Flags fly proudly at the Albany Marine base. As war looms on the other side of the world, workers here do their part. Stubbs said "This is just about the backbone of the Marine Corps, this base right here."

The Albany Marine Base employs nearly 3,000 civilian workers, with 600 Marines stationed there.

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