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City, County make Stimulus list

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany and Dougherty County leaders are taking a shotgun approach to obtain as much federal stimulus money as possible.

They've identified $80 Million worth of projects as shovel ready and there are millions of dollars of other projects that could be eligible.

To make sure Dougherty County gets its fair share, the city implemented a stimulus task force to target every penny possible.

As soon as local leaders knew stimulus money could be available, they went to work.

"We have been working very actively for almost two months now to position ourselves to bring as much funding into the city and Dougherty County as possible," said Assistant City Manager Wes Smith.

They compiled a massive $80 Million list of projects that are ready for construction within 180 days. "We're going to take primarily a shot gun effect with the economy being the way it is, we need to try and pursue dollars in any way we can get it within the community."

The biggest area for ready-to-go projects is education.

There is a $13.8 Million renovation of Albany High School on the list

Another $15 Million is proposed for renovation of Dougherty High

And $6.5 Million for Magnolia Elementary

Roads, Streets and Bridges make up another $27 Million

The biggest chunk would come for widening of Gillionville Road at $12 Million

Broad Avenue Bridge Renovation is on the list at $7.5 Million and Fleming Road Widening would take about $4.5 Million.

"We've put together an in-house task force to make sure there's appropriate manpower to do the applications, get them out when they have to be done and do them in a quality manner."

Recreation is also on the list, with improvements to Chehaw, including a waterfront camping area and outdoor amphitheater. And the list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the city, county and school board may eventually apply for.

"We have been working very actively with our federal lobbyists to determine what programs are out there, how they're going to be administered, what agencies they're coming through."

To get the most money to Dougherty County, bringing with it jobs, to hopefully stimulate the economy.

Click here to see the list the city submitted


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