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Albany State University to test siren system

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People in central and East Albany may hear a series of sirens and warnings Wednesday afternoon at 1:30.

It will only be a test of the new outdoor siren system at Albany State University.

But officials say the siren should be heard up to five miles away, and don't want you to panic.

Albany State University's new Federal Signal Critical Communications System rises high above its campus on top of the Library Building just off Radium Springs Road. Wednesday afternoon they will test it for the first time.

Albany State University Police Chief Roberson Brown said "It kinda gives that second layer of mass notification. I think this is going to be very effective."

Albany State has an emergency alert system using the student's cell phone texting and computers, but this outdoor siren system will make sure everyone on campus knows there is an emergency. It is located in the middle of campus, and the siren system is expected to be heard up to five miles away.

 Brown said "Anytime there is a tornado warning you only have a few seconds or minutes to let our faculty, staff, and students be aware of the emergency approaching campus."

The system can sound a series of different sirens for different emergencies.

Brown said "This system give me flexibility to get the word out efficiently. I can give out voice command. I can give out the siren, and teach faculty, staff what that sound means for a tornado, or different for active shooter, or other incident on campus."

Students say the system makes them fell safer.

Albany State University Junior Keshara Williams said "It's really nice that they care more about us. It's better to be alerted, because you never know what you may be doing at the time when something's going on. "

Albany State University Junior Justin Johnson said "It increases the sense of communication and gives the students a sense of security."

Albany State University Police will be able to control the siren by phone, computer, from their office, and the library, to make sure emergency notification is delivered as fast as possible.


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