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Voters can't wait to get to the polls

October 30, 2002

Lee County- When you turn on your television, you can't miss the political advertisements for various candidates that are shown over and over everyday.

It's hard to miss the mudslinging and name calling that is going on between the candidates, making many South Georgians want to rush to the polls.

Secretary of State, Cathy Cox, is predicting a fifty four percent voter turnout on November fifth because many people, like Raymonica Gordon, who didn't vote in the last election will probably vote this time around.

Many also say despite the negative political ads on television, nothing will keep them from making sure their vote goes to the candidate they feel will do the best job.

Over 3.7 million Georgians are registered to vote in the election Tuesday compared to three point eight million in 1998 and three million in 1994.

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