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P & G brings money and jobs to SWGA

October 30, 2002

Albany - Procter and Gamble is making a major impact on Southwest Georgia's economy. Economic Development Commission Chairman, Jeff Sinyard, says, "The tax based alone, they're bringing in over three million dollars a year taxes to Dougherty County."

Procter and Gamble is the largest manufacturer in Dougherty County. This week, they are celebrating their 30th anniversary. So, how have the past thirty years changed our economy?

Not only has the paper giant employed thousands of people, but more jobs were created outside the plant because P & G. Companies like Cello-Foil were built here in Albany to support P & G.

When Procter and Gamble is on a roll, so is Cello-Foil. Flexo Manager, Chris Jackson, explains, "Whatever happens in that business, directly affects us."

Cello-foil came to Albany ten years ago because of Procter and Gamble. Jackson says, "This facility is strictly for printing Bounty and Charmin over wrap." Which means more jobs. Jackson includes, "When we came in started approximately 30 employees at this time 73 employees."

Procter and Gamble employs more than 14-hundred people. Sinyard explains, "The domino effect is overwhelming. You talk about houses they buy, cars they buy, food they eat, clothes they purchased. It's a domino effect, that's unmeasurable."

The four plants in Georgia spend over a billion dollars yearly on goods and services in the state. Sinyard adds, "I don't want to think about Albany without P & G. Kind of like thinking about farming without a tractor. They are very important to our big farm."

Just like the farm, Procter and Gamble hopes to continue to grow their product to help grow the economy of Southwest Georgia.

Procter and Gamble generates between $75 to $100 million in payroll and benefits.

Procter and Gamble has four plants in Georgia, the plants are the top three utility users in the state.

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