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Snow falls in Southwest Georgia

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PARROT, GA (WALB) - It's a sight many thought they would never see in Southwest Georgia. "They always say it's going to, but it never gets to us. But it's great," said Linda Jacobs.

"I've been to West Virginia once or twice skiing, but never in Georgia," said Seth Garland.

But Sunday what was unimaginable to many, came true. "It's like water that doesn't dissolve when it hits the ground. I like it."

"It's a flurry when it's in the sky, but when it actually sticks, it's icy like," said Lacey Kearbey.

Hundreds of snowflakes blew in the wind and a few accumulated on branches and roof tops in Parrot. "Earlier it wasn't cold enough, so it would just rain. But now it's just like little white specks, and you can ball it up into a ball of ice," said Garland.

Just a few hours earlier South Georgians were taking cover during thunderstorm and tornado warnings. Now they are rejoicing in the snow. "Snowball fights every now and than. You know just messing around trying to stay warm."

"We've been throwing some at each other, but we are about to ride some dirt roads right now," said Garland."

And though many weren't prepared for the chilly temperatures, "it's kind of cold right now, but besides that it's pretty cool."

" I'm glad its snowing. I've been waiting on this for a long time," said Kearbey.

"It's great, just great. All the kids need to come outside and just play," said Jacobs. They all say it was worth it just to experience the rare winter wonderland where the only Georgia snow many in this part have seen are in cotton fields.

It wasn't enough to make a snow ball, but Lee and Dougherty County also got some of the winter action Sunday afternoon. Most of the snow that fell in Leesburg blew at an angle because of the windy conditions. Though it was cold enough to fall from the sky, it was not cold enough to stick.


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