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South Georgians are fired up for Dawgs-Gators

October 30, 2002

Valdosta - South Georgians are fired up for the most anticipated SEC football game of the year-- The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

"It's going to be close but the Dawgs are going to take it," said Trey, Georgia Bulldog fan.

The Georgia/Florida game has employees at Hibbetts Sports preparing for a business boom.

"We're thinking they're going to really start coming in Friday and Saturday," said . "They'll buy apparel, car flags, and anything to help them get ready for the game."

Hibbetts' employees say Georgia Bulldog merchandise has been flying off the shelves all season. But Gator gear has done quiet the opposite.

"The Florida merchandise basically sits on the racks, but we can't keep the Georgia stuff stocked," said Jonathan Imes, Hibbetts Employee.

But sporting sales aren't the only thing on the rise because of this weekend's game. DOT engineers expect a drastic surge of traffic on Interstate 75, as fans travel to Jacksonville , and are making major construction changes.

"We're keeping all of our construction zones open in both lanes so that traffic can get through for the game without trouble," said Cindy Lane.

So no matter who you're rootin'' for, DOT engineers urge all game travelers to allow plenty of time for traffic and use extra caution for a safe trip.

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