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Saturday's storms left a big mark in Tift County

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By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

TIFT COUNTY, GA (WALB) - One of Saturday's storms left a big mark in Tift County.

There was extensive damage to homes just outside of the TyTy city limits.

The majority of the damage was on Pickett Street.

Tin roofs were wrapped around trees; some of them fell over in the high winds.

"Felt like someone had turned on a big fan," said Daniel Frederick, Tift County.

The roof of a back porch in the 100 block of Pickett Street was lifted clean off, and ended up about a100 feet away.

"We started receiving reports of roofs being lifted off, debris flying," said Scott Bowers, Tift County 911 Director.

Damage wasn't isolated to buildings a car lifted from one side of a homeowner's driveway and slammed onto its roof nearby.

Daniel Fredrick surveyed the damage Saturday afternoon.

"It took out three barns, the forth one was picked up and moved," Frederick.

Just across the street the Bethany missionary Baptist church also sustained damage.

"When I drove up I saw the front portion of the church it was torn down, we have structural damage on the inside," Pastor Samuel Pridgon, Bethany Missionary Baptist Church.

Emergency officials say it happened just after a thunderstorm warning was issued.

"About 3:15 or 3:30 we were under a severe thunderstorm warning," said Bowers.

Just before dark the chainsaws started, as those with property damage begin to pick up the pieces.

"Everything else around the inner sanctuary was damaged in the vestibule, but the sanctuary was okay, we will be having service tomorrow," said Pridgon.

On Sunday when many of the residents in this part of Tift county wake up, they'll know for sure this wasn't a dream.


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