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Rash of burglaries in Thomasville

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville police are staying busy with burglary cases. So far this year, there've been more than 30 home and business break-ins.

In most of them, the thieves have gotten very little. But in some of them, they've made off with hundreds of dollars.

Now some business owners worry that they'll be next.  

For the second time in one week...

"The window was smashed and there was glass everywhere and I really couldn't believe it."

Employees at The Red Door Deli in downtown Thomasville are shocked someone would break into their restaurant...again.

"It was just ridiculous, they came in through the same window both times."

Thomasville police say they are working hard to close 30 burglary cases this year. Homes and businesses have been hit every week.

This week two homes were broken into.

"It's kindof scary, I'm really hoping it doesn't happen at my house," says the Red Door Deli employee.

The thief who broke into the restaurant threw a brick through a back window and got away with cash...a blow the owner says set them back tremendously.

And Over at Singletary's flowers and gifts...the same thing. Only this time, the thief was greeted at the door with an alarm and ran off empty handed.

"It's a little surprising for Thomasville. It's a pretty safe community, one of those towns you can walk up and down the streets on. I think it's more the economic times were in an everyone's worried about their future," says the Singletary's employee.

"People think they can get away with breaking in, and they did get away with it. Hopefully we'll be able to find out who it is since there have been so many going on around town," says the Red Door Deli employee.

Investigators say burglars typically take items they can sell during a break-in, but lately thieves are just taking money.

Police have made six arrests in some of the residential burglaries. But the thieves that broke into Singletary's, The Red Door Deli, and dozens of other businesses, are still roaming the streets.

Investigators say there are some things businesses can do to prevent becoming a victim.  Have more than one person take nightly deposits. And install an alarm system..its a good way to deter thieves.  For homeowners, extra light can help keep thieves away.  Feedback

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