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Getting back to full speed

October 29, 2002

Albany State's Tommy Jackson doesn't know the term "half speed". Jackson goes 100 miles per hour, 100 percent of the time. The senior strong safety is the Rams leading tackler, and for head coach Mike White a once in a lifetime player. Albany State head coach Mike White said, "It's just a joy to have a kid like that. As a coach to have a student-athlete who wants to do good on and off the field (you can't ask for more than that) and that's what Tommy brings us."

But when Jackson tore a muscle in his left calf in the third game of the season, the Ram's go-to-guy was suddenly missing in action. Senior strong safety Tommy Jackson said, "It really got me. I was worried, I didn't know how long I was going to be out. I was thinking I was going to make it through the season and it was really killing me because it's hard to sit out a year."

The frustration was so great for Jackson that at one point he sought coach White's advice. "I was questioning the trainers and doctors about why was it taking so long, I mean this kid was about to pull his hair out. So he sat down and he came in and talked to me about how he felt everything was falling apart and I told him to just pray and hang in there," White said.

Which is exactly what he did, and after weeks of rehabilitation Jackson is close to being back to full speed and just last week he led the Golden Rams in tackles yet again. And as the senior's season winds down with the possibility of the NFL in the future, Jackson is cherishing every moment he spends on the football field. And if you think the injury has slowed him down one bit, think again. "I've got a will to play even harder. Just because I've got just three games to play in I just want to show everybody what I can do.," Jackson said.

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