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Farmers saving money by conserving water

October 29, 2002

Dawson - The 2002 Farm Bill is an in depth bill outlining new rules and regulations for farmers all over the nation. Here in South Georgia, some farmers have taken the conservation provisions seriously and they say it's paying off.

Farming has changed drastically over the years, but the 2002 Farm Bill has sped up the process. Dawson farmer, Brian Goolsby, says, "We're always up for change. Hard at first to change over to conservation tillage, but when we saw the benefits, we were ready for a change."

Conservation tillage is just one of the bill's provisions. Goolsby explains, "We've reduced our trips down to one on irrigated land and reduced to two on dry land." Which saves gas and labor.  Goolsby is also saving water. He has added new nozzles to his irrigation. He says, "They don't put out as much water as old ones."

Also added, an automatic cut off switch so it doesn't spray the road. Goolsby explains, "In the long run you save a lot of money. It's set to cut off when it gets to the trees.  You can save thousands of gallons of water."

Goolsby hopes more farmers will get involved in the conservation program. He says, "They help pay cover crops, help pay for strip tillage equipment, pay building ponds to catch rain water if you irrigate."

And the list goes on. Goolsby says the changes he has made has paid off on his 22-hundred acre farm.

USDA officials say pest control management is another key to saving money on the farm. If you control pests, you can have a better crop.

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