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Crisp Academy big winner in contest

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October 29, 2002

CRISP CO. - With the release of next month's sequel, theaters are preparing to be packed with Harry Potter fans. And Coca-Cola is once again launching its partnership and National Reading is Fundamental Campaign.

The sweepstakes promises coke drinkers the chance to have an entire library of books donated to a school of their choice in their name. But who really ever wins those things?

Tuesday, Crisp Academy celebrated its selection as one of ten winners nationwide in last year's promotion to unlock the magic of reading.

"It's our tie in with schools and making sure kids spend a lot of time reading," Coca Cola representative Aulton Akridge said.

Tuesday they received 2,000 books, after an area woman decided Crisp Academy was where the various children's reading material should go.

"We are very excited about this donation," librarian Beth Curles said. "We are delighted she selected Crisp Academy to be the recipient."

The reason Carolyn Standard chose Crisp Academy, her close ties to a third grader she's been babysitting for years, Sarah Crenshaw.  "She's sweet and nice," Sarah said of her babysitter.

The Crisp Librarian was especially excited about the Harry Potter books and its inspiration for reading and imagination. The students were excited too, most of all because they got to spend the rest of their morning at the movies free of charge.

There are dozens of groups nationwide protesting both the Harry Potter books in schools, and Coca-Cola's promotion of the movie. They say Harry Potter promotes witchcraft. However Tuesday's ceremony in Crisp County was peaceful and the school says it considers itself very lucky to have won the contest.

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