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Halloween Safety

October 29, 2002

 Albany -- Halloween is only 2 days away, and Southwest Georgia children are excited about trick or treating. But to make sure it ends up being a Happy Halloween, parents need to make sure their little ghosts or goblins stay safe.

 Trick or Treaters will be going door to door Thursday night. Albany Police stress that it should not be a night of vandalism or pranks, but they worry more about keeping trick or treaters safe.

 Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police Department said "The community needs to be aware that Halloween is happening. Parents need to talk to their young people about the do's and don'ts of Halloween."

Here are some simple ways to keep Halloween a treat. Parents should accompany their children when trick or treating. Make sure your yard is well lighted, and there are no trip or fall hazards. Don't use candles as part of a costume or to light your entrance way. They could catch costumes on fire. Keep your pets away from costumed kids. Costumes should be short enough to prevent tripping, and be reflective so they can be seen. Kids should have a flashlight. Have children use make-up rather than masks. If they wear a mask, take it off between houses so they can see. Do not let kids eat the treats until parents have inspected it.

Lt. Singleton said "The Albany Police Department is pushing this year the controlled type celebration. Each District is going to have a haunted house, where they will be passing out candies."

Stay in your own neighborhood while trick or treating, and teach kids to never go inside a stranger's home. A fun filled Halloween is a safe one, with tasty treats but no tricks of harmed children.

In Albany, both Phoebe Putney Hospital and Palmyra Medical Centers will inspect your Halloween goodies. Take them to the front entrance of either hospital to make sure they are safe.

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