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Gunshot survivor pleased with arrest

^ Faye Duncan ^ Faye Duncan
^ Sedrick Carter ^ Sedrick Carter

October 28, 2002

Pelham - A South Georgia woman has a survival story to tell. A year ago, she starred down the barrel of gun. Behind the gun, a man demanding money. Faye Duncan was shot in the face, and the man took off with nothing.

A picture of a masked man with a gun has haunted 36-year-old Faye Duncan of Pelham. She says, "A person can't ever forget that."

Duncan was a store clerk at Swifty Mart in Thomasville. A year ago, on October 14th, she was shot at close range, destroying her lower jaw. Duncan points her finger and arms length always, "The gun was about like this to me, to my face, that's how close he was."

Duncan has had seven surgeries and countless check-ups with the dentist. Doctor Carl Findley, Junior in Albany explains, "The plastic surgeon took part of her tongue and grafted it back, so she would have a lip back."

Her life will never be the same and either will the life of 23-year-old Sedrick Montell Carter. Thomasville Police Sgt. Rachelle Denmark says, "I'd say he has some remorse." Sgt. Denmark says Carter was interviewed as a suspect only two days after the shooting. She explains, "On the surveillance tape we were able to see him attempting to open register while clerk on the floor. He took off running."

But, it was not enough evidence to make an arrest, until now. Turns out Carter's mug shot was a familiar face to Duncan. She says, "The guy used to come in the store all the time. You never think somebody's gonna come in and shoot you."

She's happy she can sit here and tell you her story. Duncan says, "They say if I wouldn't have turn my head, he would have killed me, but it wasn't my time."

It was time for Carter to be locked up. He was charged with aggravated battery, attempted armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

A joint task force, Thomasville Police, Thomas County Sheriff's Office and GBI worked together to arrest Carter.

Georgia Department of Corrections says Carter is on active probation for violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Abuse Act with the Thomasville Probation office. His probation was supposed to end January 2009.

He is in jail without bond.

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