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Anti-drug program takes off

^ Principal Pat Victor prepares for take-off... ^ Principal Pat Victor prepares for take-off...

October 28,  2002

Albany-- A south Georgia principal proves she'll go to "any height" to teach her students to say no to drugs. The Georgia State Patrol used their helicopter at Alice Coachman Elementary as part of Red Ribbon week to help the children's imaginations soar.

A good entrance is a great way to capture students' attention. Georgia State Patrol Troopers definitely had all the kids at Alice Coachman Elementary School riveted, landing their helicopter outside the school.

Pilot Corporal Kevin Coalson flew in to take part in Red Ribbon week at the school. He brought home the point that drugs are a dead end.

Coalson said. "Your teachers have told you the drug problem we have today is disastrous. It's torn a lot of families apart, lost a lot of people their jobs, and most importantly, their lives."

The students all got a close look at the helicopter. Corporal Jamie Sullivan told the students "If you stay off drugs you can pilot a helicopter, or do anything else you want to."

Then Principal Pat Victor got ready to fly around the school and the students, after they all promised to stay drug free. Victor said "It's just a tad bit scary, but I will do it for the kids."

Victor read to the students from the school roof last year as part of a reading program. Now she soared to greater heights for Red Ribbon week. Alice Coachman Elementary School will continue to teach the students about the consequences of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use during Red Ribbon week.

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