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Convenience store robberies leave clerks terrified

October 28, 2002

Albany-- Convenience store clerks say they are frightened. A masked gunman fires a shot late last night during a robbery, telling the clerk he is dead serious.

Police believe the same man went on a weekend crime spree in the North Jefferson, Philema Road area.

Five convenience stores were hit. He broke into four of them and in the 5th, he confronted the clerk and fired a shot.

Around 10:30 Sunday night the masked gunman confronted the store clerk outside the Express Lane food store on North Jefferson. He fired a shot into the sidewalk, and then forced the clerk and two customers inside the store.

The gunman stole the cash drawer from the register and took off. Police believe the same man also broke into four other convenience stores in the same area this weekend. Around 3:00 Saturday morning, a brick was thrown through the window at the Stocks Market on Philema Road, and the cash register stolen.

Early Sunday morning, windows were smashed at the Homerun Foods on Philema Road, and Miss Bessie's Store at 7th and Palmyra and cash registers stolen.

Then around 5:30 Monday morning the Chevron on Stuart Avenue had its front door knocked down, and the cash register stolen. Police found a stolen truck with several of the cash registers in the woods off Front Street.

None of the store clerks wanted to talk with us on camera, but all said they are frightened.

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