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Berrien Primary kicks of literacy week with a bonus

October 28, 2002

Nashville - "Read, read, and read some more" - That's the motto of the week at Berrien Primary School.

"Reading is so important, especially at the age these children are at because they're so excited about it," said Peggy Gaskins, Literacy Coach.

Monday, Berrien Primary kicked off literacy week with their number one goal for this year being to have every student reading on or above their grade level by the time they leave third grade. And reaching these goals will be a whole lot easier for this school, thanks to a 1.4 million dollar Reading Excellence State Education Grant.

"This grant is the best opportunity Berrien County has ever had to have 100% literacy," said Gail Melton, Literacy Coach.

And with this money, educators hope to do just that, guaranteeing students and all the children of Berrien County a better education and brighter future.

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