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Golfers put on walking shoes for 101 holes

October 28, 2002

Albany-- Most weekend warriors don't get the luxury of spending an entire day golfing when there's grass to be mowed and birthday parties to drive the kids to.

But Monday, 25 men and women got to do something that most golfers only dream of-- play 101 holes in a row. The 12 hour day was a test of endurance, but the golfers stayed the course to raise money for Young Life Ministries.

The weather was cooperating at the Doublegate Country Club Golf Course. Kent Reinhardt says, "We are pretty happy with the weather, we were worried it was going to rain, but it turned out wonderful."

But, the nice weather was about all they had going for them today. Golfer Mark Hawke says, "We are holding up pretty well, we are surviving, let's put it this way, we've had one birdie in 36 holes, that's not excellent play."

Other players were also quick to admit they're not the best player on the links. Golfer Mark Hawke says, "You do not have to be a great player as I probably showed you, its any skill level."

But the tournament is not about being the best. It's about doing something great for Young Life, a Christian ministry geared toward kids. Reinhardt, Young Life's Director, says, "We hang out where they are, in the schools, everywhere."

Each golfer made a pledge to raise at least $750 for the Albany-Leesburg Young Life Group. Besides the money, they also pledged their blood, sweat, and tears. Hawke says his golf game gets worse as each hole is played, "It gets worse, your swing gets tired, everything gets worse."

Although these golfers pampered themselves between shots with a quick massage, Jay Reynolds, while receiving a massage, says, "I've played maybe 20 or 40 holes."

Twenty, or 40, or more, after awhile you start to lose count, but for these golfers the fun is in the fellowship, and raising money for a worthwhile organization."

The Albany-Leesburg Young Life group hopes to raise $30,000 from the fundraiser.

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