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Entertainment for Less

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The glitz, the glamour, the Oscars. Sunday night Hollywood got together to celebrate the best in film for the last year.

But despite the expensive gowns and parties one thing is clear this award season: the film industry is feeling the pinch in the economy. Ticket sales were down last year. For some people, seeing the latest movies means going no further than the couch.

"It's more convenient, and some people nowadays, that's what they're in for is the convenience of it." said Ray Manos, Regional Director for Video Warehouse.

Just like other stores, video stores are offering deals on what they do best; renting movies. And, of course, you can always buy your favorite film there as well.

"You want to have them for your own, your own library instead of renting them every time," said Manos.

And Hollywood does its part to help out your local video store too. Not surprisingly, video rentals spike when big ticket sellers come out on DVD.

"On an average day you have people come in and most people come in for the hot stuff, the newest stuff," Manos said.

While some people are having date nights at home to save money, other who are choosing to go out are deciding to come to the movie theatre.

And some theatres are doing a good business. Bucking the national trend is Albany's Carmike Cinemas, Wynnsong 16.

According to the Wynnsong's Complex Manager Shaun Brunson: "so far this year, we've had outstanding ticket sales. We've been up since Christmas of last year and things have been going really well."

Movie goers seemed to react positively to something that the Wynnsong did recently.

"Back last year, we lowered our ticket prices and it's really helped our theatre out a lot," Brunson said.

And they always react positively to the one thing that you can't get at home.

Brunson said, "our entire building is here to sell popcorn."

So with all of the inexpensive entertainment options out there, there's no reason to feel like a prisoner in your own home.


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