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No rush for Halloween candy

October 27, 2002

Albany- Lollipops, gum drops, Snickers and Skittles. Halloween is just five days away and that means candy shelves should be empty right? But there seems to be a lot of candy left.

"We've sold quite a bit. This is my first year here, but I would say we've had a good sell through on the candy," says Fred's Store Manager, John DiMaggio.

DiMaggio says he'll even restock shelves again before Thursday. The sweets are stacked high at Brunos too.

"You've got some that are gonna come in early -- they're plan aheaders, and you've got some that are gonna come in, and their gonna wait until the last minute. Regardless almost this entire area will be gone by the 31st," says Bruno's Manager Steve Webb.

With so little time left what is everyone waiting for. Some say they are waiting for the candy to go one sale, and others say they just forgot it was Halloween.

DiMaggio says even his costume sales have only been moderate. Masks and wigs may be a big part of Halloween, but the candy is the main attraction.

So what sugary sweet is the hit this year? Some say Snickers or Almond Joy, others say Reeses. So if you haven't made your selection yet, anything chocolate seems to be a good choice.

Both radiology departments at Palmyra and Phoebe hospitals will be x-raying candy free of charge this Halloween. If you can't get to the hospital for a professional check, remember to inspect each piece of candy before letting children eat it.

Here are some more helpful hints to make sure everyone has a safe Halloween:

  • Remove lawn furniture and fix any damage to stairs or walkways to prevent accidents.
  • Keep pets inside for the night and warn children to stay away from all animals they come across.
  • It's best to go out with your children, but if you can't...warn them to cross at corners and never between parked cars.

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