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Anita takes the plunge

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many of us have a list of things we want to accomplish one day- take an exotic trip, maybe learn a foreign language.

One Albany woman has a working list and she's staying busy checking it off.

From parasailing to skydiving, 70-year-old Anita Brinson is a bit of a thrill-seeker.

The first question we asked Anita Brinson was: Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Her answer may as well have been, why not?

"Oh, I guess I've always been on the edge of whatever," was her answer.

In her seven decades of a life well spent, Brinson hasn't spent too much time standing still.

"I did parasailing down at the gulf and a little bit of scuba and snorkeling and kayaking in Belize."

She's well traveled, and has mementos to prove it, including a brand new video taken about a week and a half ago. "On this particular day the weather was good and it was my day to jump."

Strapped to a jump master, once she got up in the sky, there was really only one way for her to get down. "When it came our time I thought, "oh my gosh, here we go. It's too late to turn back now."

But Brinson says she wasn't scared. "My jump master told me he'd done thousands, so I felt he wanted to go home for dinner, too."

Luckily they both made that goal. So how was her conquest? "It was great fun and it was something I had wanted to do for a while."

So what's next? "There's probably something else out there I'll tackle eventually."

She says a second jump from the sky isn't likely, but she hopes to jump into the sea and now master scuba diving.

Anita Brinson's skydive took place at one of the most popular drop zones in the South East,  Zephyr Hills, Florida, just north of Tampa.


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