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South Georgians help fight heart disease

October 26, 2002

Albany- Hundreds of people raised money and walked in the American Heart Association Heartwalk, but its not the only thing these walkers have in common.

Many of them are survivors of heart attacks and strokes. "If you got to have a disease heart is the best to have because there's so much they can do for you. If one thing doesn't work they can try something else. I've been here 20 years, and I'm still going," says heart disease survivor Charles Ott.

All say heart disease has changed their life. They are on special diets and exercise every week. Survivors say as long as they are able they will continue to fight heart disease.

"Heart, kidney, alzheimers, I'm for helping all people, " says heart attack survivor Euvida Spivey.

The proceeds from the heartwalk will go to American Heart Association research and education programs.

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