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Luckily, no people hurt in tornadoes

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The storms that rolled through southwest Georgia left thousands without power and hundreds with damaged property and homes. But miraculously no one was seriously hurt.

Crews have been out all morning and now on into the night in Thomas and Grady counties, clearing roadways of power lines and fallen trees and helping restore power to over 5,000 people that were in the dark for a large portion of Thursday.

While Thomas County got the brunt of the damage, the storms first hit Grady county to the west. That's where the first tornado touched down.

Grady county emergency workers estimate fifteen homes sustained moderate damage, and one heavy damage.

Holstein Lane was one of the roads that really saw the brunt of the storm.

They say it's a miracle no one was hurt. And that seemed to be everyone's thought-  that it truly is a blessing everyone is around to tell the story the storms.

"We woke up to a roaring," said Henry Andrews. "Wind blowing real hard. Then all of a sudden we heard a bang. And that's when this fell on here. And I mean it was over with in just a minute or two. It didn't take very long."

"We're lucky we're alive. We're lucky everyone else is alive," aid Pat and Louis James.

Homes on Rawls Road, Highway 93 south, and Halstead Lane in Grady County also saw damage.

There is only one road closing to report- Lower Cairo Road that runs from Grady to Thomas County is still closed.

Thomas County EMA Director Chris Jones says even though all other roads are open, he urges everyone to use extreme caution when your driving. There's still a lot of debris on the sides of the roads. Another thing he stressed is please practice generator safety.

Larry Dansby considers himself touched by an angel. He sleeps off Holstein Lane in a travel trailer. Today, not even a cut or a bruise. "I heard the wind. My trailer started rocking and moving. It scared the you know what out of me!"

The Johnson family didn't want to go on camera, but say they felt the entire home lift off the ground, then plummet to the ground seconds later. "None of us had a scratch. I mean zero, the lord really looked after us."

Homes on Rawls road, highway 93 south, and Halstead lane also saw damage and Lower Cairo road is closed. But still, homeowners we spoke with said even though they lost power and property to this mornings horrific storms, they're still thankful and amazed by the miracle that no one was hurt.

Lower Cairo road is closed, but even though other roads are open, emergency workers encourage everyone to use extreme caution when your driving. There's still a lot of debris on the sides of the roads.

Officials warned to practice generator safety. Do not feed generators through your primary service panel. They say it's dangerous and could cause an emergency crew worker to be electrocuted.


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