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City and county leaders get mediation

October 25, 2002

Albany- City and county leaders have until the thirtieth of December to decide how the local option sales tax money will be divided. Because no agreement has been made, both sides have called in a professional mediator so they won't lose the money.

Dr. Margaret Herman has been a mediator for thirty years, and she says the city of Albany and Dougherty county are not the only governments currently rushing to meet the deadline.

Herman is helping both sides decide how the mediation process will run, and she says both sides owe it to the people they represent to make a well thought out decision. Mayor Coleman says this process won't be easy because both sides must evaluate the costly services they provide.

County and city leaders say this will be a tough battle, but they are ready and willing to put in the time to reach a decision that affects so many lives.

Dr. Herman will do an assessment for city and county governments in late November.

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