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Where in the World is the Cottonmouth Saloon?

October 25, 2002

It's 9:00 a.m. and Harry and Ann are at the saloon, but it's not open yet so they'll just sit and grin until it opens. Finally at ten the screen door creeks open and another day is underway at the Cottonmouth Saloon.

And once again Harry is ready to hit the dance floor. "I like to dance. I am a dancing fool."

His dead dog rattler watches his every move. His wife wishes she didn't have to. But she has to, because Harry has another favorite past time. "I like to goose women. Just a goose they enjoy."

But in reality Harry and the saloon are the entertainment in this county. Harry doesn't goose, or drink, but thought a saloon would be a cool place he could drop his weapon and unwind with friends--all the while remembering the good ol days.

"Them were good times, when a man was a man and a handshake was his word."

And remember what it took to build this place by hand--every nail and every cut, because at the time there was no power. But he says the blood sweat and tears is much more rewarding that a career as a CPA.

"One lady wanted to claim Fifi, Muff, and Spot as her dependents."

So if you are ever in the woods and you hear some bluegrass music, don't shoot. It's just Harry and Ann at the Cottonmouth Saloon enjoying another day on Lake Blackshear. Harry's saloon was once a residence on Jackson street in Americus more than a century ago. 

The Cottonmouth Saloon is tucked in the woods along the banks of Lake Blackshear in Sumter County.

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