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Lee County residents get tax break

October 24, 2002

Lee County- Lee county homeowners won't be paying more in taxes this year. Homeowners, Jeff and Jan Jeffcoat haved lived in Lee County for twelve years, and they say the county is using their money wisely. 

The Lee County School board voted to keep the millage rate the same as last year. Homeowners will pay 13.97 mills for maintenance and operations, and 1.577 mills for debt service.

The County commission voted to lower the millage rate from 13.97 mills to 13.95 mills for 2002. County Commissioners and Board of education members say their first priority is making sure people feel good about where their money is going.

The Jeffcoats say this will put more money in their pockets, so they can make other investments.  The Jeffcoats are confident the money they spend in taxes is being budgeted to help them spend less.

The Jeffcoats also say the school system is spending money wisely and doing a good job educating their children.

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