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Procter and Gamble turns 30

October 24, 2002

Albany - A major plant in Southwest Georgia has an important anniversary coming up. Dougherty County has been the home to Procter and Gamble for thirty years.

Products have come and gone, but the plant has grown dramatically since it's first set of employees clocked in thirty years ago.

For the past thirty years, Procter and Gamble in Dougherty County has seen vast changes. Some you can see in your own home. Site Personnel Manager, Jon Polk, says, "In the past you had plain white paper towels in Mom and Dad's kitchen, now have multi-colored decorations."

A half a billion dollar expansion in 1996 sparked 430 job openings. Polk says, "We've gone from two paper machines to six now. Increased our converting capacity eight to twenty lines. People-wise, it's grown by leaps and bounds."

Now, a team of more than 14-hundred employees produce Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet paper and ThermaCare heat wraps. The diaper plant shut down in 1995. Polk points, "Behind us is ThermaCare operations. In the facility that used to house the old LUVS plant. New addition to the family. Started shipping January 2002."

A few months after ThermaCare hit store shelves. Procter and Gamble built a new warehouse with a new conveyer system. Products go from the packaging area into a tunnel and to the new warehouse. Polk says, "It's one of the largest warehouses in the Southeast. That's where we house most of our finished product and ship in other products from other Procter and Gamble facilities throughout the Southeast."

Products have evolved and long-time workers have retired, but workers hope to continue to put paper towels and toilet paper in your home for many years to come.

Procter and Gamble bought 500 acres in Dougherty County in 1971. Production started the following year.

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