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Economic downturn can cause depression

By Len Kiese - bio | email

February 16, 2009

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There are more negative effects of the growing recession. Less green is giving more Americans the blues during these tough economic times. Psychologists say money trouble can deepen depression.

Dwindling money and a down economy can add up to depression. "A lot of people find themselves being depressed when they fall into some financial difficulties," said Dr. Cheryl Kaiser.

Financial difficulties are hitting states, cities and towns. Things are so bad that a $787-billion stimulus bill is needed to uplift the economy. But in the meantime, people are down.

"It's something that we want to look for to make sure our loved ones are safe and healthy," said Kaiser.

Nationwide, psychologists say referrals are up. Many patients are not sure what to do in these rough times. Psychologist Cheryl Kaiser says these are times that we need not only to pay attention to finances but also family and friends. "Family members and friends need to make sure they watch for hopelessness, helplessness, and withdrawal," said Kaiser.

Those three clues can have a devastating effect. "Because those are things that are very highly associated with suicide," said Kaiser.

Because many were already struggling to make ends meet before the recession, senior citizens need extra attention. "Senior citizens are at risk for the depression more than the rest of us anyway so having their one piece of income targeted by the economy can be something that really pushes them over the edge," said Kaiser.

Before anyone hits the economic edge, Kaiser says help needs to be sought. It can make all the difference. "Depression is absolutely something that gets good results from getting therapy and for people with severe cases, medication," said Kaiser.

There's no quick cure-all for the recession but a listening ear can be an uplifting remedy during a downturn.

If you're depressed or know someone who is, contact a licensed mental health practitioner. If tight finances are preventing you from seeking help, the Albany Area Community Service Board may be able to assist.



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