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Sheriff still recovers 8 years after being shot

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

CLAY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - It's a job that many argue has little pay, for big potential danger.

Each day, members of law enforcement put their lives on the line to protect their citizens.

A South Georgia sheriff shot on the job eight years ago is still hard at work.

Clay County Sheriff Roger Shivers was shot in the neck, and left for dead by a suspect.

"I was not going to let someone destroy my family and my career and my life because of something they did," Roger Shivers, Clay County Sheriff.

Sheriff Shivers responded to a call of shots fired into a trailer, it's a day he will never forget.

"May 21 will be eight years ago," said Shivers

After seeing the gunshots he knew there was only one direction it could have came from, he went to investigate.

"When I drove up he came out of the door he was toting the rifle across his arms, I went to call for fire department," said Shivers.

Ronnie Windner was toting the rifle.

He had fired those shots, and also set his house on fire, after a domestic dispute.

"As I was leaning for the radio I glanced up and he's actually leaning against one of the posts on the porch and was sighting in on me. The only thing I guess I did right was I realized he had a rifle I had a pistol, it wasn't a fair fight, so I immediately left in reverse and did some of the prettiest driving that has ever been done in reverse," said Shivers.

"He shot me through the neck, and pretty much killed me," said Shivers.

The sheriff has had pretty much a full recovery, but side effects from his injury still linger.

He has some loss of use on the left side of his body, and the shot did permanent damage to his vocal chords.

"The later it gets the less ability I have to speak, and later on tonight I try not to talk at all," said Shivers.

The car he was shot in is one he still drives.

"I'm one of the lucky ones that did get a second chance, a lot of them are buried," said Shivers.

And every day he walks into his office there is a permanent reminder of his brush with death.

The rifle which almost ended his life, and the gun Ronnie Windner used to kill himself are mounted side my side.

Sheriff Shivers was not the only Clay County Sheriff to be shot.

Former Clay County Sheriff Mike Teal who Shivers succeeded was blinded after he was shot in the head.

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