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Georgians weigh in on stimulus plan

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By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - President Barack Obama is set to sign the 787-billion dollar stimulus bill into law in Colorado on Tuesday.  Some view it as a good thing. Others question whether more government spending is the answer.

he massive 787-billion dollar stimulus package is now headed for the president's office. And President Obama called it's passage in the House and Senate "a major milestone on our road to recovery."

"I am concerned because I know that it needs a lot of work. And I hope they worked all the bugs out of it, but right now I am leery of it," said Cynthia Key.

"I agree with President Obama when he said passing the stimulus package was the most important thing. The only real concern is whether it will create jobs now or later," said Torre Goodson.

The stimulus package aims to create or save as many as 3.5 million jobs though government spending and providing tax cuts. "We are not sure if spending money we don't have is a way out of this situation or if it will create jobs," said Goodson.

"I think it's a band-aid cure and they need to restructure it," said Key. But the package that was originally suppose to be a bipartisan effort got no support by the Republican party in the House and only three Republican votes in the Senate.

"President Obama will need their support down the line, but like I said before, I think we just really needed this to pass", said Goodson.

But whether you agree or disagree with the plan, all agree something had to be done. Georgia is expected to get almost six billion dollars for transportation, health care and other programs from the massive economic stimulus package.