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Booming business this Valentines

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By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Tough times means there's a little extra squeeze on your purses and wallets.

But local businesses spent the Valentine 's Day hoping that hateful economy didn't prevent people from spreading love on this Valentine's Day.

Some Albany businesses were busy.

Tibbie Watson is the manager at The Flower Basket she had to call in estra help.

"At least two extra designers, sometimes up to eight extra deliver drivers," said Watson.

They're not the only ones doing well.

"We've been doing pretty well," said Chase Guyton, Barbershop Quartet.

"We've been going all over town around the Albany and surrounding area and surprising people with singing valentines," said Guyton

Many opt for a singing Valentine.

"We all got together one night and we just decided to start rehearsing, and said let's give it a shot, we've got about four songs together," said Guyton.

For the past two days Albany's Premier Barbershop Quartet has been singing acapella all over town.

"You never know how they're going to react, we've had people run we've had people start crying and usually those who cry are the best ones for us it's really fulfilling," said Guyton.

To bring in more business the barbershop quartet is being creative.

"Even though we're a barber shot quartet we can get down with rock songs or anything else you need," said Guyton.

"People have not slowed down at all on wanting to buy something special for their valentine," said Watson

For these businesses their profit is pointed in the right direction.

This year Americans are expected to spend $20 less than they did last valentines day.