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Health checked for free

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Sandra Ford had a good reason to go to Palmyra Medical Center Friday.

"I'm interested to see how my cholesterol is doing. And also the sugar level," said Ford.

She has one major concern with her health. "With so much diabetes today and all I thought I'd better get it checked."

She was among the more than 300 people who took advantage of a free health screening offered at the hospital. Nurses were on hand to draw blood for the cholesterol and sugar screenings and to take blood pressure readings.

And you could even get your weight checked and body mass index calculated.

Ford said, "I'm curious to see how I weigh on actual scales, not my own."

One of the nurses that we talked to noticed an increase in the number of patients this year.

According to Misty Milling, a nurse at Palmyra Medical Center: "this year, were just seeing a steady influx or folks coming in to get their blood drawn and blood pressure checked".

And with many people losing their health care, free screenings like the one today can help out.

Sandra Ford said, "people that can't afford to have a checkup, at least they'll be able to find out some things that are wrong."

For the nurses, these screenings are about more than just a routine medical procedure.

"This makes me feel good because I know I'm doing something worthwhile for the community," said Milling.

And that's something that we can all feel good about.


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