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GBI investigates jail, missing property

Sephronia Sanders Sephronia Sanders

October 23, 2002

Cairo - A Southwest Georgia woman is angry at Grady County Jailers. Sephronia Sanders says, "If I go back to jail, I'm not going back quietly." It's been almost a week since she was arrested. They still can't find her wedding ring.

Mrs. Sanders and her husband were arrested Friday in Grady County for fighting with each other. She says it's been a nightmare every since. Jailers booked her in, took her belongings and never gave them back. Mrs. Sanders says, "I'm out for revenge. I want everyone to know how dirty they are." Now, the GBI is involved.

Jailers can't find her wedding ring, watch, cash and other personal belongings. Mrs. Sanders explains, "Right in the middle of booking, after they took everything out of my pocket, they stopped."

Grady County Jail officials said Friday night was a busy night, but Mrs. Sanders thinks that's no excuse. She says, "I've contacted a lawyer, because it's not right."

Bail Bonds woman, Camille Brochman, says this has happened before in Grady County, especially with the Hispanic Community. She explains, "Not only are they upset, they don't speak English. It's a disadvantage because don't understand the situation."

Brochman says their property is normally found. She says it's best to stay calm and understand the rules. Brochman explains, "This happens I'm sure at every jail around the world. That's why it's is such a critical thing to control yourself."

Mrs. Sanders has learned the hard way. She gives advice, "If you do get arrested don't let them see you cry. They'll take advantage of you."

Brochman says make sure the jailer writes all your belongings on a receipt, sign it and when you get out of jail check the list again.

Grady County Jail administrator, Captain Scott Newberry, confirms Mrs. Sanders signed a receipt when she gave the jailers her belongings. He says somehow the belongings never made it to the secured lockers and back to Mrs. Sanders. Captain Newberry asked the GBI to do the investigation.

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