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GPS device saves Albany woman's life

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A small device no bigger than your wallet, helped police track Quintabitha Mitchell's car, likely saving her life.

It was also the quick thinking of Boswell Motorcars owner Pam Boswell who remembered the device might be in the car her dealership sold just three weeks ago.

An Aerecept device helped find Shane Fletcher before he stopped at the Camilla Inn. It was information scrolling across the screen on WALB that caught Pam Boswell's attention. She remembered selling the car described three weeks ago.

"Ann Marie, a salesperson here knew exactly who it was, and her grandfather had been calling the lot that morning," said Pam Boswell, Boswell Motorcars co-owner.

That's when Pam realized she could help. "I don't know. I wasn't sure vehicle had the unit in there and when I found out it did I just did everything we could to try and help find that vehicle," said Boswell.

That included calling Aerecept in California, and demanding they reactivate the disabled GPS device inside Mitchell's dashboard.

"In less than 15 minutes they had reactivated the unit and had located the vehicle," said Boswell. The tracking system found the vehicle in Mitchell County, traveling 37 miles per hour along Highway 19 and Georgia three near Burson Road. Aerecept let police know they would track the vehicle every five minutes.

"The next time he pinged it, he had stopped," said Boswell.

With a latitude and longitude, Albany Police called Camilla to let them know Fletcher was at the Camilla Inn. Fletcher was arrested without incident and Quintabitha Mitchell and her one year old son were safe. Boswell said it made for an exciting afternoon and she's just happy she could help.

Arthur Brown who bought the car for his granddaughter said he's thankful that device was in Mitchell's dashboard. He also plans to stop by the dealership and thank the Boswells for their assistance in finding Mitchell.

The Boswells say they'd canceled their contract with Aerecept, but after this, are reconsidering.


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