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South Georgia youngsters show off their hogs

October 23, 2002

Valdosta - From tots to teens, many South Georgia youngsters find common ground in their love of showing hogs.

"I like to bathe my hog and watch him grow every day," said Kayla Farmer. "Just watching the hogs and being around them as they learn to walk and do everything is very exciting," said Jessica Zipperer.

After months of hard work and preparation, the day has finally come for them to strut their stuff, hoping their pig has what it takes to catch the judge's eye.

"I work with my pig every day, making sure that she eats enough and gets enough exercise, so she'll hopefully be just what the judge likes," said Justin Roundtree.

But what exactly is the judge looking for? "They want a lean pig, with good muscle tone and a full body," said Lauren Zipperer.

And although they'd all love to take home a shiny trophy or that coveted blue ribbon, one award seems to outweigh all others.

"The best part is winning the money," said Farmer.

So after this show, it may be the kids bringing home the bacon.

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