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Property tax bill: 25 cents?

October 22, 2002

Cordele- Cricket Adkins is the Crisp County Tax Commissioner. Her job is to collect property taxes from homeowners. Adkins says she sends bills out for any amount, even a quarter.

"You might ask why are we sending out quarter bills? I don't have permission not to send them. Whether they're a nickel, whether they're $ 25,000, they all go out, because you and I both have to pay our fair share," says Adkins.

Doris Johnson got one of those quarter bills. She's blind and had her friend read the bill to her. She owed a whopping 25 cents.

"I said 'What in the world is the 25 cents for?' They said 'taxes.' I said 'Good God.' I couldn't believe it," says Johnson.

Johnson is over sixty five, and gets an exemption for all her property taxes, except those assessed by the state. For her, it's only a quarter.

"It costs gas money to come up here just to pay a quarter," she adds. She laughed it off and paid it anyway, but did not forget to get a receipt.

In Dougherty County, the tax commissioner only prints and send bills that are more than one dollar.

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