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How do you know recalled items aren't on your shelf?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Close to 2,000 products have now been recalled in that major peanut butter recall. With the number changing almost daily, it's hard to keep up.

So how do convenience and grocery stores make sure they're not selling you a potentially tainted product?

It's one of the most commonly eaten foods in the country. Served alone, on a sandwich, or in other foods, Peanut Butter is popular. "Peanut butter crackers, cookies, they love it," said Dale Laramore. 

 That's why the father of five was so concerned when he learned about the huge recall involving peanut butter products.

He said, "It worried me a lot, because that's all I need is for those kids to get sick." We went into several stores in Albany today looking for recalled items. It's a difficult task because of the magnitude of the recall. Fortunately at Winn-Dixie, Harvey's and Dollar General, we didn't find any items currently on the list.

This is the list of all the food items that have been recalled. Stores aren't likely to go through it page by page, it's more than 400 pages in all, but fortunately, they do have codes that will signal if one of the products on their shelves has been recalled and is about to be sold to you.

Dollar General says the last time they bought food from PCA was about two years ago, so their customers shouldn't be concerned. Laramore says he's still checking his own shelves. "I went through and looked at everything in the house to make sure there wasn't a recall on it."

To keep his kids, his family, safe.  


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