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10 Country: Grandmother Power

October 22, 2002

Crisp County-- Schools often need all the quality help and money they can get. But one school taps into a treasure trove of people who have long since graduated from the hallowed halls of education.

Most people know Beta Club members make good grades, and debate club members persuade, but another school group combines both clubs into one organization, with a noticeable difference. They have much lighter colored hair. They are members of the Crisp Academy’s Grandparents Club, and don’t think about putting these gray hairs out to pasture. “I just don’t want to just sit there and do nothing. I might miss something,” said substitute teacher Smythy Murphy.

Murphy doesn’t miss encouraging 14 third graders to study for tomorrow’s test. “Make sure you review everything,” she says. Murphy substitute teaches, and today she helps ready their young minds for when their teacher comes back and gives them the exam.

You could say a grandparent teaches every day at Crisp Academy, and gives quick etiquette lessons on-the-spot as well.

The school librarian really needs the Grandparents Club, because she has two thousand brand new books that need special identification numbers and places on the shelves.

Many of the club members attended the Academy, and since starting their club last year, they have become quite a fund raising machine, making many of the items for sale, banking almost $8,500 for the school. They sell piggy-banks, too.

Students seem to like having those experienced faces around. Jamey Rogers uses the time for a quick visit. “See how she’s doing, how everything is going. It’s good.” And the grandparents find it good, too, to feel like they still have something to offer, to help their young people live better lives, in the halls of education they still share.

One of the Grandparents Club’s big fund raisers happens on Saturday, October 26 with Crisp Academy’s Fall Festival.

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