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'Girl Talk' giving teens much needed support

October 22, 2002

Albany-- Those teen years can be tough. Trying to fit in, dealing with gossip, making friends -- it can all be overwhelming. Now, one girl's club at Deerfield Windsor School in Albany is discussing these problems. It's called Girl Talk. The group is just for middle school girls, developed by a high schooler who has lots to share with her younger peers.

One middle school girl says, "I say you shouldn't gossip at all, its wrong, it hurts everybody."

The topic is fitting in -- a subject these middle school girls have lots to say about. One girl says, "Your friends that go and hang out with the popular group, sometimes they just totally ignore you. Like when you are not with them they act like you are their best friend but when you are with them they treat you like dirt."

Being left out hurts, and just about everyone can relate, including Haley Kilpatrick, the high school junior who developed Girl Talk, "Middle school was a very difficult time for me, girls, it was difficult gossiping behind your back--basic problems that middle school girls face."

Now, Haley shares her experiences, offering advice and a listening ear. Kelly Kilpatrick says, "You are thinking about this all day and the whole day through the school is positive, everybody is nice."

But, sometimes people are not nice, and every Tuesday morning, these young girls have a place to meet, talk about it, and find solutions. Holey Sewell says, "We have a lot of kids in our grade, especially girls, who are mean and this helps with the attitude problems and gossip, its just great." It's great, and its helping young girls get through the tough times of growing up.

This is the first year for Girl Talk. Haley Kilpatrick is a junior, and plans to keep the support group going until she graduates.

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