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Excavation cuts power to Westover High School

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany (WALB) - 1,300 students have been moved to four different schools, Alice Coachman, Robert Cross, Live Oak and Westtown. 

School Construction supervisors say an excavator from Hatcher's Tractor Service dug up an unmarked power line behind the school where crews are building Westover's new kitchen complex.  

"The kids were not in danger," said Bob Fowler, Asst. Facilities Director.  "Again it is something we need to repair because it is the high voltage line going into the school. We felt like we had plenty of time to evacuate the school as we did, and make the repairs."  

The students were taken back to Westover at the end of the school day. The damaged transformer was replaced and school will resume Wednesday.


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