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Dougherty teachers go back to school

October 21, 2002

Albany- Dougherty County teachers are learning how to help their students deal with a crisis, but they're not doing it from the head of the class.

"It was strange at first, going back to school," says Albany High teacher Pat Brown.

When their students went back to school last year so did they. About a dozen teachers teamed up with Darton College students and earned a certificate in Teacher Communication and Crisis Skills Enhancement.

The program helped them to identify the problems students so often bring with them into the classroom. Teachers say the students are a reflection of the communities they live in.

Darton professors say the teachers did well in class. "They had the best grades in the class," says Dr. Susan Andresen.

The teachers didn't even have to pay any tuition. HOPE scholarships covered their classes and books. Susan Andresen says they hope to have more teachers enroll in the program for the upcoming Spring semester.

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