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Pumpkin treats, seeds and meat

October 21, 2002

Sasser - Before you throw away your pumpkin seeds, turn on the oven. Pumpkins are not only good for Halloween decorations, they're also good for a snack.

You can eat the seeds and melt the meat of the pumpkin into a pie crust. Hopeful resident, Sandra Thorton, says, "First take inside out, boil that, mash it up, add milk and little bit of spice, put it in pie crust and bake it for half hour."

Pumpkins are good for more than pumpkin pie and looks. Thorton says, "Oh there's pumpkin cake you can make too."

Pumpkin butter, pumpkin cookies and a pumpkin planter? Thorton shares, "Something else I"ve never seen before. Cut pumpkin in half, put flowers in it as a decoration."

Before you throw away the pumpkin seeds. Five-year-old Jordan Harris says, "Put em in the ground and they'll grow." Or you can bake seeds for a snack. Thorton has more ideas, "Dry them and put it out for the birds."

No matter how you like your pumpkin...fried, baked, dried or cut...it will always be a Halloween favorite.

If you want to bake your pumpkin seeds, experts say to sprinkle spices such as salt or salad dressing powder on top and bake until they are toasty brown.

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