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Adel man drowns in Berrien County

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

BERRIEN COUNTY, GA (WALB) - What was supposed to be a fishing trip with some of the guys turned into a tragedy when 42-year-old Ralph Williams, Jr drowned Saturday evening. "And while he was fishing possibly slipped into the area," said Berrien County Lt. Larry Tabor.

Williams' brother-in-law was just a few feet away. "He pulled off his shirt to throw out there for him to try to catch and pull him in, but the victim went under the water and never came up again," said Tabor.

The Berrien County Rescue team was on the scene shortly after getting the call at 5:30 PM. "It only took about 30 minutes to retrieve the body. Here is where he fell in and that is where we found him," said Tabor.

Deputies say that part of the pond was only about four feet deep. "He did know how to swim, but because of the clothing he had on, and the temperature of the water which was very cold, and when he fell in he probably panicked," said Tabor.

Deputies also say Williams had been drinking which also may have kept him from coming back up. "Alcohol seems to take control of your body, your mind. And you don't have the same process of thinking like you normally should," said Tabor.

And they are now advising, "when you are fishing, driving just be careful with the volume of alcohol you are consuming," to keep this from happening again.

An autopsy will not be performed on Williams Jr., but investigators are waiting the results of blood test to help determine if alcohol did play a role in his drowning.


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