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Get your heater in shape for cold weather now

October 21, 2002

Albany -- To avoid the danger of a fire in your home, fire fighters are asking you to have your heater serviced now, before you turn it on. Gas companies are busy making service calls these days.

It's time to check pilot lights and heating units. That spark in your heating system after a long summer of inactivity could be deadly. Fire fighters are urging you to examine your heating system now, before the cold weather sets in.

Assistant Chief James Carswell of the Albany Fire Department said "Dust gathers in your heater burners like anywhere in your house. When you fire it off, you are going to get that smoke odor, and if you go ahead and do it, while you are awake, and anticipating it. It's not such a shock in the middle of the night."

After you turn on your heater, there could be problems that spark a fire, or make you fear one. Fire fighters know it's better to be safe than sorry.

Carswell said "A heater that's not properly maintained can be the ignition factor in a fire." Also check fireplaces and wood stoves for creosote build up in the chimney. That can also spark a fire that could destroy your home. Fire fighters urge you to check now, and be safe from heartache later.

Fire fighters also urge you to put a smoke detector on every floor of your home. Check the batteries in yours every few months.


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